Snake Eyes!

CD gingerB

After many long nights in the Muscle Masala test kitchen, we’re thrilled to announce that our long-anticipated Chocolate Ginger Espresso protein bar has finally hit the streets.

Just like our other two flavors, we’re using only the absolute best ingredients we can find: Callebaut premium dark chocolate chips and Bensdorp Dutch cocoa powder. Fresh crystalized ginger and orange peel. A fair trade espresso blend that Detour makes especially for our pals at Dark Horse here in Toronto. A spice masala that we grind in-house, made with cardamom, fennel seed, cloves, black pepper, and cassia.

So, to say that these bars have little in common with the factory-made versions sold at your local supplement shop or drugstore would be a bit of an understatement.

At 20 grams of protein per bar, our Chocolate Ginger Espresso flavor has the same phenomenal nutritional profile as our other offerings, and is loaded with some of nature’s greatest superfoods. They’re perfect pre- or post-workout, or simply as a nutritious meal replacement when you’re chained to your desk all day.

Full-blown production of our Chocolate Ginger Espresso bars starts in about a week, and they’ll be available for direct ordering through our online store in April. In the meantime, we’re making a limited quantity of them for our Toronto retailers: Dark Horse Espresso Bar, Redline Coffee and Espresso, and Bang Fitness. They’ve got them right now. If you absolutely must have a box of these before the end of the month though, drop us a note at, and we’ll likely be able to accommodate you- we’ll be making a few extras for ourselves.

Big thanks for the continued support, everyone.