Couple of Quick Things…


The accolades keep coming in for our new Chocolate Ginger Espresso protein bars. We’re thrilled to hear everyone’s enjoying them, and that they’re continuing to fly off the shelves at our Toronto retailers.

However, you may have noticed that we still don’t have them listed in our online store; we’re just waiting for the final product photos to be finished and some technical website work to be done. They definitely ARE available for online ordering though. If you’d like some Chocolate Ginger Espresso bars, simply proceed through the checkout process on our website as usual, then send us a quick note specifying what you’d like your order to consist of. Don’t be shy- hit us up at and we’ll take care of you.

Here’s a fun little video review we just received from Rick Matharu, from the Food Network’s Recipe to Riches. Big thanks for this, Rick, and thanks also for showing us the proper way to perform hamstring curls on a La-Z-Boy chair.