Best Cherries Ever


The past couple of years have been a bit hit and miss with cherry crops; poor weather in California has resulted in cherries that are a bit of the dry side, without the deep red hue and distinct liqueur-like flavour everyone loves.  We’ve recently discovered new source for cherries though, and we’re blown away by their texture, sweetness, and amazingly complex flavour profile.  They’re grown in Oregon and they’re phenomenal- by far the best ones we’ve ever tasted. 

We’re using these cherries now in our Chocolate Cherry Cardamom protein bars.  They’re the perfect match for the Callebaut premium chocolate we use, and our signature 5-spice masala.  And with 20 grams of top-quality protein per bar, they’re as healthful as they are decadent. Order a box through our online store and you’ll see what we’re talking about: